When it comes to custom software development for your business, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make has less to do with the app itself and is more about the platform that app exists on.

Generally speaking, you have two main options available to you to this end: Apple’s iOS and its closest competitor, Android. While the iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices are undeniably popular, the Android platform brings with it a wide range of different advantages for businesses everywhere that are far too important to ignore.


1. Extensive Graphical Support Options

Any mobile app development agency can tell you that the graphical needs of one solution can vary wildly from the next. It all depends on what an app is supposed to do, who it is for, and what their own unique needs are. Based on that, it’s clear that one of the biggest benefits of Android as a platform comes down to the wide range of options and levels of support for various graphics options you might be working with.

Whether you’re trying to build the best 2D or 3D graphics to help bring more traffic to your website, or you’re just working on creating the most intuitive and attractive graphic design possible, Android’s flexibility and versatility in that area are nearly second-to-none.


2. A Low Investment Yields a High Return on Investment

Another one of the major benefits that come with hiring an Android app development company comes by way of the relatively low initial investment relative to the high ROI you can enjoy over time. Android offers its Software Development Kit (SDK) to its developer community free of charge, which dramatically reduces both development and licensing costs.

This can not only make it easier to get your app off the ground in the first place, but it also significantly cuts down on the amount of time that app needs to start improving your people and their processes, too.


3. Modern Integration for the Modern Company

Another major advantage of Android app development services over other platforms comes by way of the effortless integration you’ll get to enjoy as a result. Whether you’re in need of complicated technical customization and integration with web applications you’re already using, or you just want to make sure your new app works flawlessly on your smartphone, the Android platform is absolutely the right choice to make.

To put it another way, it’s easy to customize and tweak a mobile app according to your business’ needs – rather than change the way your business works to make up for the limitations inherent in the platform itself.


4. Android is Massively Popular

In terms of smartphones alone, Android enjoys a global market share of roughly 85.9% as of 2019. In the United States, that market share is an incredible 42.75%. This represents a colossal audience just waiting to be leveraged by seasoned application developers who know what they’re doing. Many of your own users are probably already using Android devices – meaning that the adoption rates for your eventual solution will be much higher, too.


5. The Power of Open Source

For many organizations, the most important advantage that Android brings to the table comes by way of the open source nature of the platform. This is contrary to something like iOS, which exists inside what is known as a “walled garden.”

As a developer, you can interact with the community in a way that makes it easier to take advantage of upcoming expansions with Android mobile application development. You’re not building something that is an afterthought of the platform – you’re building something that can be baked into the very DNA of the platform from the ground up.

Because you have access to every bit of the Android SDK, you can push your functionality – and your compatibility – farther than you could with other applications.


6. The Beauty of Multiple Sales Channels

Finally, many businesses love the fact that Android app development services can be deployed in a number of different ways depending on their needs. You’re not limited to just a single market or “app store” to distribute your applications. You can use third-party application marketplaces, you can form your own distribution and sales channel, you could develop a new app store of your own – the choice is yours.

All you have to do is build it and publish it – at that point, getting the app out there that can happen in any way you see fit. The ability to reach your end users through multiple channels is one opportunity that is far too important to overlook.

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