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Big data is one of your most critical business assets, but simply collecting data on customers, internal operations, and competitors has no intrinsic value. Instead, using intelligent data analytics to assess your collected raw data can provide valuable insights for your business. Pegasus One helps your company take advantage of untapped growth and revenue opportunities, expand your market presence through a targeted strategy, and refine your daily business processes to be more efficient and effective, all based on your collected data.

Pegasus One business intelligence and analytics services helps clients transform raw data into actionable intelligence for effective strategic, tactical and operational insights and decision making.

We offer end-to-end Business Intelligence Consulting Services to give you tools to view historical trends and patterns as well as insight to make better projections.

Data Warehousing services

Our Data Warehousing Consulting Services help our clients efficiently aggregate, analyze, manage and use data to quickly obtain business insights and support decision making.

Each of our data warehousing consultants possesses years of experience and insights from helping companies with their data management challenges.

The Challenge Of Obtaining Practical Business Information

Data analytics is a technology-drive process that takes data from disparate sources and turns it into a useable strategy. As this is an automated process, there are many key factors that must be in place in order to provide practical and accurate business information including:

In order for your analytics to have real value, data integrity is key. Your data collection sources have to provide reliable and comprehensive data sets in order to create accurate models.

Every industry is different and every target customer has a unique profile. The analytics tools need to be optimized specifically for the demands of your business. Further, the reports they create need to be easily disseminated across your organization. Analytics tools do not have universal application and their limitations and incompatibility may actually create inconsistent information and misdirect your strategic business plans.
The tools must be deployed correctly in order to provide real time predictive or descriptive analytics. Technical issues and limitations can severely impact the functionality of the analytics tools and ultimately, the value of the data sets. A high level of technical expertise is required to ensure that deployment does not interrupt normal business operations or create issues down the line.

Data analytics is a multifunctional tool that applies to every aspect of your business from sales and marketing to operations and supply chain to accounting and finance. Employees need to not only understand the value of the business information provided, they need to know how to put that information to work to improve their departmental functions.

In order to ensure all of these processes of your data analytics chain are operating at optimal performance and providing all of your departments with the advantages of data analysis, you need a high level of expertise.

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