Logistics provider increased delivery ROI
by more than 40% with Pegasus One



Without robust data visualization, the bottom line of a logistics business can be at risk.

The workflows of today’s most efficient logistics organizations are built on a foundation of data analytics. Without deep insight into operational data, it’s impossible to accurately identify and correct processes that have become wasteful or are not cost-effective. Without robust data visualization, the bottom line can be at risk.

Our client, a growing enterprise last-mile startup with more than 400 employees worldwide, was juggling costs associated with its network of warehouse staff and delivery drivers, and a large truck fleet. When overhead began to get out of control, they wanted to explore the difference that granular data insights can make in operations.

Lack of insight facilitates inefficiencies

Leadership felt that the company was leaving money on the table when it came to operational efficiency. Loading and unloading trucks was taking too long, and delivery routes were not economically planned. Idle trucks and fuel waste were impacting the bottom line, and cost-per delivery had skyrocketed.

The company knew it was critical to get these costs under control. Without insight into the data associated with all of these functions though, it would be impossible to determine what changes should be made to get the biggest impact. The company’s leaders turned to Pegasus One for help.

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Visualization and reporting

Pegasus One assessed the need and got right to work. “Our primary goal was to enable the client to uncover opportunities to be more efficient and lower costs,” said Tushar Puri, CEO of Pegasus One. “To accomplish this, we designed a data visualization platform to provide insight into the details of their systems, processes, and last-mile workflows.”

Granular, real-time reporting was key to the success of the platform. The logistics software solutions enables the company to generate reports on delivery routes, first-time delivery trends, fuel usage, truck idling and stationary times, stops and mileage, cost trends, carrier efficiency, trip status, transit performance, load/unload execution, and more.


Data uncovers opportunities

The effects of the new platform were immediate. The Pegasus solution enabled the company to better utilize worker schedules, optimize delivery routes, make the most of the time trucks spent on the road, make faster and more efficient deliveries, and lower transportation costs:

  • Improving load/unload times – By providing insight into the data related to truck load and unload times, the company was able to improve on the process by adjusting employee schedules to provide the optimal number of workers for the specific type of material being loaded /unloaded.
  • Optimizing delivery routes – Using the Pegasus solution, a driver inputs a destination and expected delivery time, and the program displays maps recommending the most optimal routes.
  • Improving fleet utilization – The company was able to reduce idle time for trucks and overall fuel consumption using data on utilization and stop and mileage details.
  • Reducing cost-per-delivery – With route optimization and predictive data, the company was able to deliver faster and more successfully, dramatically reducing delivery delays, and failures related to incorrect addresses.
  • Lowering transportation overhead – By identifying cost trends, they were able to lower overall transportation overhead based on data related to:
    • Cost parameters
    • Idle time
    • Gas price
    • Route time/day
    • Route type
    • Type of vehicle
  • Supply Chain Dashboard
  • Solution Overview


  • Improved load/unload times by over 55%
  • Reduced fleet maintenance costs by more than 50%
  • Increased delivery ROI by over 40%
  • On-time delivery increased by over 30%
  • Improved fleet utilization by over 30%

Logistics Software Solutions Optimize Logistics

Better insight, better business

Without data, business optimization is just a guessing game. With a custom data visualization solution from Pegasus One, this logistics provider was able to identify actionable opportunities for cost savings, ROI, and optimization, and make changes that delivered fast, significant impact.

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