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Set up a conversation with us, no strings attached, and tell us what you need.

    Don’t worry, as software development company in California team we are not going to give you a hard-sell just because you called for information. We love learning about your offshoring problems and brainstorming about how we could solve them for you. Here are the kinds of things we’d like to talk about in a free consultation with you:

    • You, and your company: what is your product, and who uses it? What kind of software do you currently use to manage your data, employees, and processes?

    • Your biggest problem: what are you hoping to tackle by developing your own software? Do you already have a vision of what you want or do you need help to bring the solution into focus?

    • Your current team: why do you think offshoring might be a good option?

    • Your goal: how will you know you’ve got something that works?

    • Your budget and timeline: We respect transparency and guidelines, and we have worked on projects big and small, fast and slow. We can work with your parameters, and we can help you define them, too, if you need that.

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