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Be a SaaS Champion: Five Keys to Avoiding Product Development Hell

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The technology landscape is littered with the carcasses of failed SaaS product offerings. As a CTO or CIO focused on developing new technologies, you can empathize with the pain when a SaaS product misses the mark: Hours of development time, thousands of dollars of resources,

Building a Better SaaS Business: How to Make the Market Love Your Product

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The shift to a serverless world is changing the face of software development, ready or not. Though change can often be painful, the serverless shift is creating opportunities for technology businesses that can be beneficial for consumers and corporations alike. With the cloud comes reduced

Product Development With SaaS: Solving the Most Common Problems That Threaten Your Release

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The gut is under assault. We’re not talking about the Weight Watchers, expanding-waistlines version here. We’re talking about the region of the gut that resides in the brain of executive leadership – the gut often cited for instinctive decisions that resulted because someone thought, or

Driving to IT Success: Six Ways to Keep Your Project On the Road

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Ever since the days of the Model T, Americans have taken to the open road. For well over a century – and several generations – humans have made the automobile a ubiquitous fixture on the landscape. But, despite this ubiquity, and improvements to both cars

Benefits Of Adopting Devops In Your Business

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In this rapidly changing world, where new technologies are being released every day, it is not uncommon to hear of companies working on software or projects for so long that they are outdated by the time they come out. In this fast-paced environment, agility and flexibility

Benefits of using Meteor for mobile apps development

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The Benefits of Meteor for Mobile Apps development One of the most popular platforms for mobile, web and desktop app development is Meteor. If you need to write an app, all your friends and colleagues are going to tell you to use the open source

Benefits of Amazon Web services (AWS) for Small Businesses and Startups

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Amazon Web Services (or AWS) has a lot to offer to small businesses and business startups. It is a great service for those high volume web based small businesses, SaaS (Software as a Service) and enterprise applications. This is especially true for businesses that want

How to Predict Project Failure Within The First 10 Days

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Some software projects fail because of unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances. Perhaps funding is lost. Perhaps, despite thorough preliminary research and a well-developed map toward success the goals that a failed project was attempting to achieve were simply infeasible. Most of the time, however, this is

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