Custom Software Solutions for Startups

Software and leadership to help you grow your business
Pegasus One takes the uncertainty out of startup software development, with a team of experienced, small-business experts who deliver future-ready, scalable solutions that will evolve to support your business as it grows.

Our roadmap to building your Custom Software Solution

Discovery, Design & Planning

$5,000 to $16,500 1 to 2 months

We’ll spend time with you to dive deep into the problems you’re facing and bring your ideas to life.
The result is a blueprint for your project, including:

MVP Development

$30,000 to $100,000 3 to 6 months

In many cases, startup clients initially have budget only for a v1. After delivery of v1, they typically spend time with software training, ramping up adoption within the company. The majority of our startup clients circle back to us for another round of design and development, bringing with them an informed sense of the direction the software must take for v2.
It may be fast-paced feature development or a high volume of regular enhancements, tweaks, or bug fixes, with an expectation of rapid development, testing cycles with regular releases, and high involvement from the client and key stakeholders. We provide you with a dedicated team of developers, software architects, UI/UX designers, QA specialists, and project managers. This phase includes:

Scaling up and growing faster

Once your idea is transformed into a product, your focus should be on streamlining operations. Team management, customer outreach, and remote office setup will be your top priorities.

With our off-the-shelf packages, we can help you set up your workflows in hours instead of weeks. Your team can focus on selling your product/service, armed with the right tools to do so. Your infrastructure is managed by our team, ensuring a 100% uptime.

Turn-key solutions for faster growth

CRM suite setup and support solutions

Cloud based infrastructure setup

managed product development

Product and project management

Disaster recovery and backup solutions

Software security management solutions

Case studies

Claims Automation Software
AI-powered preventive healthcare platform delivers nearly $10M in organizational savings
Data visualization platform increases delivery ROI by more than 40% for logistics provider

Funding: Feeding your dream

Funding is the backbone of any start up, except the idea that drives it. Without funding we cannot expect a business to run or deliver successfully. And to achieve this, Pegasus One provides entrepreneurs options to raise money through in-house funding or Venture Capitalists, depending upon the targeted amount.
Some of the top VCs for funding efforts:

Here’s what they are saying about us:

Your company has worked on a variety of complex projects for us. We return again and again because your team is very talented and dedicated to delivering high-quality work products at a very competitive price point.
Donnie McWilson
Bombay Company
It was hard to find a software development company that has the technical knowledge and domain expertise to meet our needs, but you have delivered the results and amiability we need every time, on time.
Donnie McWilson
Software Development Company California