Pegasus One reduces in-house IT burden by 80% with Power BI solution

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A cloud-based software developer aimed at optimizing the learning experience for K-12 students needed better insight into its app-based Learning Management System (LMS). Providing support for classroom management, content management, attendance systems, grade books, classroom interactions, parent communication, active learning, and more through its LMS, the company sought an advanced analytics system that would help improve functionality and better understand customer behavior.

Because they are in the education sector, the company had already established an efficient and widely used LMS that was being used by nearly 11,000 schools and two million users in North America. Used by students, teachers, parents, and administrators, the app was used to manage, assess, and report on the student learning arc. It also offered services like management systems, analytics, social networking, and data aggregation for K-12 education.

Resource deficits limited insight

To uncover any system efficiencies and loopholes and provide deeper insight into user behavior, the company needed an advanced analytics platform that would work in lockstep with its LMS to improve and support the user experience. The company didn’t have the in-house resources and expertise to build its own analytics and visualization layer on top of the LMS application, and they felt the best investment would be to go with a third-party BI solution.

After consulting with the Pegasus One data visualization team, the company opted to go with Microsoft Power BI Embedded as their advanced analytics solution.


Unprecedented data insight

By deploying Microsoft Power BI Embedded for advanced analytics into the company’s web portal, the Pegasus One development team was able to connect multiple data sources, and create dashboards and reporting layers, saving the content in .pbix files to use for Power BI analysis.


Uncovering opportunities

Using Power BI, the company gained new revenue streams, new business opportunities, and improved student learning experience and student outcomes.

Using row-level security and Power BI analytic applications, the client’s staff can now easily visualize and analyze data trends, student behaviors, teacher activities, parent engagement, and study programs. It can also generate reports that fuel strategic decision making.
The visual representation of student data offers a powerful opportunity for teachers and parents to detect patterns and reveal loopholes in a student’s performance and make changes to help students stay on track and be successful.


  • The robust data analysis and data visualization capabilities of the Pegasus One Power BI solution better supported the company’s LMS and provided enhanced insight into trends and user behavior.
  • It has also streamlined processes and generated new revenue streams. As a results of the new solution, the company has now secured numerous state, provincial, and national education contracts.


Using the Pegasus One power BI Consultants’ solution, the company was able to identify alternative revenue streams, pursue new business opportunities, and drive a better student learning experience and improved student outcomes.

  • 80% reduction in the in-house IT team burden through delivery of documentation, dashboards, and analytical capabilities
  • 30% improvement in the student learning experience

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