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Mobile is leading in all engagement trends online. 80% of all web users are now on mobile devices. Location-based applications, Ease of use, Ambient, AI, VR and other emerging technologies are skyrocketing. Pegasus One can deliver the mobile applications and development resources your business requires.

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According to Enterprisers Project, while mobile apps continue to be a prime focus for the enterprise, there is an increasing interest (some might say hype) around artificial intelligence (AI) with chatbots and Personal Digital Assistants (think Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google) being the latest tech craze, driven by the leading technology companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook. Artificial intelligence, by definition, is intelligence exhibited by machines to display them as rational agents that can perceive their surroundings and make decisions. A rational agent defined by humans would be a computer that can realistically simulate human communication. AI is becoming a reality as technological advancements in natural language processing, big data, mobile, sensors, and cloud come together in a perfect storm.

Mobile applications generate billions of dollars a year in revenue for developers. Click here to view top trending mobile apps today.
That money is spread out, obviously, but it shows what a tremendous market there is for mobile apps today and hence the need for mobile app development company like ours. And as more and more people rely on their smartphones instead of a personal computer, the number will likely only continue to grow.

Whether you’re creating an app to be used internally by your employees, one to publish to help extend your brand and your company’s reach, or just want to create an app that will help to generate additional revenue, it can be done. Here at Pegasus One, we understand the challenges and complexities involved in mobile app development.

As a top app developer Los Angeles, this is the difference we offer


Our team uses the latest techniques, coding platforms, and technologies to design a high quality app that will do what you need. A good app works well, is easy to understand, and doesn’t crash constantly. We provide that.


Sometimes, things can get lost during the design process when development is being outsourced. We take pride in our process which includes meeting with you and developing a plan together. We’ll draw up a clear blueprint for what you want, and then touch base with you along the way to ensure your goals are being achieved.


Our team of app developers is highly experienced and carries a deep understanding of all major frameworks and mobile technologies. No matter what it is you’re looking for from your app, our team can deliver it. There is a reason we are ranked as a leading mobile app development company in town!

Fast Turnaround

We know you don’t have years to wait for an app. Our team works hard to deliver your mobile app to you quickly, making sure that you’re able to get it out into the world quickly.


Throughout the development process and thereafter, our team is there and ready to meet with you at any time. Whether you have questions, concerns, or just want to check on the process and where it’s at, we’re ready to help.


From desktop apps to the iPhone and iPad to Android systems, we can design the app that you need for any operating system.

Case Studies of Mobile App Development Projects

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ai software development artificial intelligence

Universal wellness platform for a range of smart devices

what makes a great app?

Know what your goal is

It all starts with having a clear plan and strategy on exactly what features are needed. What does it need to do? Who is the intended user? What are you trying to achieve in the long term and short term with it? Does it need social media integration?


While a great, robust mobile app can do a lot, it’s also still important that it be simple and easy to use. A clean UI and UX design that is easy for users to understand will help ensure that your app isn’t immediately deleted.


Users aren’t just on one type of device. You’ll want to be sure that your mobile app is available for those on iPhone and Android systems. This way you are able to get the largest possible reach for your app.


While internal-use mobile apps may not have to be that creative, those that you’re publishing to the app stores should be. You want something that stands out from the crowd, and that means getting creative with what you offer.

Ready to explore?

In order to really get the most from your mobile app, you need to keep the tips above in mind. However, you also need to enlist the right kind of help. Mobile app development isn’t for everyone. You need an expert mobile app development company like Pegasus One to help you out! By talking to our professionals and outsourcing your development to us, you’ll be able to bring your ideas to a group of mobile software development pros that understands the development arena. It’s the best path to a great app.


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Mobile Applications for Business

Mobile apps are a great way to connect with your customers while they’re on the go or relaxing on the couch at home. While many businesses don’t consider creating a mobile app, any and every company can benefit from mobile apps. As long as you have a company that provides services or goods that can be used and accessed from a mobile phone, your business can experience the advantages of mobile applications.

Here are just some of the types of businesses who can benefit from creating a mobile app:


You may already sell your products on your own website, but think about how easy it will be for your customers to buy from your store with a simple touch of their screen. Sell your products through an application that allows customers to easily access the items they love and check out with a click of a button.


Many people prefer to pay their bills online without the need for checks or relying on the postal service. Allow customers to simply and easily check their bank accounts, pay bills, and contact customer service with just one app.


Every person in the world can benefit from a healthcare application that helps keep track of their expenses and can remind them of their benefits. Enable your customers to find doctors in their network and check recent bills, premiums, medical visits, and prescriptions.

Social Networking

Everyone does some form of networking and now you can make it easier to reach your customers and let them reach one another. Let your customers interact with each other on one simple app.


Many people prefer to use their phone for music when they’re working out, so it’s convenient to be able to track fitness progress while on the go. Allow your customers to track progress, discover new exercises, and keep a daily record of their success.


Perfect for remote or in-house businesses who need to work together on a daily basis. Your team members will easily collaborate on projects and reach milestones together to help grow your business.

Still not sure about Mobile Apps and their benefits for your business?

Talk to our experts to evaluate how a mobile app and mobile strategy can benefit your organization. It is free and requires no commitments!

Our work process is a disciplined methodology that leads to successful outcomes. It guides the way we plan, research, collaborate and execute the entire project to completion. We utilize three core tenets.
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Benefits of Mobile Apps for Business

As you can see, there is an application for every business and any company can use a mobile app to benefit their company and increase profits and sales. While adding convenience to your customers’ lives will add profits to yours, mobile apps can do so much more to grow your business.

Here are three of the ways of creating a mobile app – whether Android apps or iOS apps – for your business can promote business growth:


Adding a level of convenience to your customer’s experience will keep them coming back for more, no matter what industry you’re in.


Extend your marketing efforts to any device. You can create advertisements and rewards within your app for improved customer satisfaction and experience.

Customer Engagement

Your app will allow you to easily interact with your customers by putting your content directly in front of their eyes.
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