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Pegasus One is a leading Android application development company based in Orange County. Currently more than 70% of smartphones run on the Android platform reinforcing how vital it is to have an Android application for your business. Creating mobile apps for the Android platform can be a daunting task. Many mobile application development company can deliver a simple working app, but we give you that edge over your competitors by building the best Android applications best Android applications for your business.

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The Android apps that PegasusOne creates are always outfitted with a broad range of features that enables our clients to execute different marketing and revenue generating strategies through their Android app. We offer complete native app development solutions including customized Android app development that will create unprecedented business value for your enterprise and will put you ahead of your business rivals. Our mobile app developers have years of app development experience in Google Play Store.

Why an Android App for Your Business?

More than 70% of all smartphones run on the Android platform, making it an important target when deciding which type of app to create. Many businesses are quickly learning that applications are able to increase profits and promote business growth. The benefits to android applications are numerous, but when compared to iOS, how does it stand up?

Mobile Applications for Businesses

Android vs. iOS

If you are an iPhone user, it may be tempting to create an iPhone app, but you must consider Android for these reasons:

Mobile Applications for Businesses

Android Application Development from Pegasus One

We believe in the holistic approach to app development from management and collaboration to guidance and leading. We offer 24×7 local support so that no matter where you are, you’ll have a contact nearby.

No matter which type of business you own, odds are you probably don’t have a team onboard to handle application building or you lack the time to hire an in-house expert. It doesn’t matter why you’ve put-off developing an app that can lead to increased sales; you can count on Pegasus one to deliver an app that will help you maximize your profits. Here are some reasons why outsourcing app development may be right for your business:

We know exactly what it takes to build a highly responsive, native Android app that is not only outstanding but can also transform a client’s vision into a highly profitable and creative product. In short, our developers won’t just create an Android app for your businesses – they’ll create a powerful presence for your business which will leave your competitors in the dust.

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Our Android app development protocols, created through years of experience in the field, ensure that every client gets an optimized Android app that maximizes the business potential in their particular niche. It’s safe to say we’re extremely proud of our Android developers and the results they deliver for our clients.