Mobile technology is quickly becoming the best way to get your message out globally or provide a service to a global clientele. According to Pew Research Center, as of February 2019, it is estimated that over 5 billion people around the world have some type of mobile device. The first step to reaching all of the Android users globally is to hire an Android developer to create a mobile app for your business.

Why Choose Android?

You know that you want to create your mobile app, but now you need to be sure that Android is the way to go. According to Statista, almost 85% of all mobile devices are Android, making it an easy choice for deciding which platform should host your application.

Figuring Out What You Don’t Know

You believe that you have a great idea for an app. But there is a lot more to a successful app than just a great concept. You need to get the input of AppDev professionals to make sure that you are building a solid foundation for your app and hopefully the huge amount of business that it brings your way.

  • Have Goals– This means that you have more than just a big picture image of your app. You need to know exactly what you want to offer the public and how you will market your app as a feature that people will want. And you also need to know what social media platforms or other technology your app needs to be compatible with to reach its fullest potential.
  • Think Simplicity– You definitely know that your app needs to provide a real service to users and offer value. But you also need to realize that even the most amazing and useful app will never become popular if it is not very user-friendly. Complexity on the development side is fine, but the end user side needs to be hassle-free and fast.
  • Availability– You have already chosen to focus on Android devices, but you will also want to consider the potential for other operating systems down the line. Many users have multiple devices and will want to use your awesome app on every device if possible. Always be thinking about success and growth in the future as you create your business plan.
  • Creativity– If your goal is to market your app and either earn money from it or use it to promote your business for a financial benefit, then your app needs to stand out from the crowd. A great name, a great logo or a new twist on the function that your app provides will get you noticed and will help to secure you a solid share of the market.

Getting Down To Business

All of your plans are just ideas until you actually go out and hire android developers. These are the guys who know how to take your vision and make it a reality. And this step is more complicated than just doing a Google search for an android app developer for hire.

In most cases, there are miles of technical information and behind the scenes work that is required to create a successful app. And if you understood all of that technical jargon, you could build the app yourself. But for those mere mortals who just have a great idea and need to have it brought to life, outsourcing companies are the bridge between the idea person and the android app developer.

What These Companies Have To Offer

As you might have guessed, these firms offer android developers for hire and other skilled technical personnel. You can even specify that you are looking to hire android game developer specialists or a developer who can create an app for other operating systems. But these companies offer far more than just the developer that you are looking for to create your app.

The services offered by outsourcing firms that are often considered the most valuable are the value-added services that they offer. These are not necessarily the basic services required to build an app, but they provide insight and support to the nontechnical business operator throughout the development process.

When you select an Android developer for hire from a job board, all you are getting is that person’s development skill set. But an experienced application development company will offer you added services which can include:

  • Multiple Developers working simultaneously for the best results
  • Technological Support before, during, and after your app launches
  • Optimal Collaboration so that you can work together to build a business-benefitting application
  • Status Reports to help you easily collaborate with one another
  • Local Liaisons for nearby support when you need it

In addition, after your app is completed, you might be in the market for other services such as wearable technology, business solutions or cloud-based infrastructure. All of these services and a great many others can be provided by the same company that assisted you in the creation of your android app. Creating a long-term relationship with a company who offers consulting and services related to technology, will always be a benefit in today’s high tech world.

The Really Important Question: What’s the cost?

Now you have a very good idea of all that you need to understand before you actually hire an android app developer, except for one big piece of information. Money is always an important factor when taking an idea and turning it into reality. And the truth is that there is no exact answer.

There are a variety of factors that go into the cost to hire a developer. The complexity of your app, the size of the app, and even the functions that you want it to perform will all have an impact on the type of developer that you hire and what your final cost will be. To get a better idea of the cost involved for budgetary purposes, you can Google hire android developer cost to find a range in your area.

Now that you have all of this information, it is time to decide if you are really ready to take your ideas to an android app developer and see it become reality.

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