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To put it simply, we can and will do whatever it takes to deliver the product you need in the parameters you require. We work with all current and relevant technologies in web, mobile and cloud; we deliver turn-key projects or provide flexible, on-demand staffing extensions for your own team; and we can develop custom-built new software products or upgrade and maintain existing software for your company.

No matter what kind of solution you need, we will start by understanding your business processes as well as your current pain. We have the business and technical resources to assist at any level during a deployment. We offer business process consulting, custom module development, data integration services, public and private online training and many other services helpful to software deployments.

We love solving problems with software.

If you are looking to offer a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product to your customers, Pegasus One can assist and collaborate with you anywhere along your product development life cycle. We have over 10 years of experience in implementing SaaS solutions for start-ups and large corporations alike.

Our saas app development orange county’s teams understand your needs and have experience executing SaaS projects in many different functional areas, including eCommerce, mobile-optimization, CRM, accounting, lending, learning and content management, event planning, and shipping logistics, among others.

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SaaS/PaaS Development Best Practices

PegasusOne follows strict guidelines and best practices for all its projects. You can read more about our SaaS/PaaS Implementation and Customization Best Practices here.
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You’ll be ready for web, mobile, and cloud.

Providing customers with a way to interact with your business on all of their devices is essential in today’s marketplace, in every corner of the globe. Mobile applications improve conversion rates, help achieve business objectives, and create brand loyalty. You need a mobile app or mobile-optimized interface to compete in today’s market, and we can help, whether you need to build from the ground up or improve what you have.

Cross-platform functionality and fluency: A mobile-optimized strategy of any type simply must function beautifully on all kinds of devices–phones, tablets, desktops, and more–and in all kinds of operating systems–iOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and more.  Our teams know the choices involved in achieving this for you, including whether to develop your software in a universal framework or build native versions for a variety of platforms. We will help you understand the pros and cons so you can make the right decisions.

Updateability: success with mobile platforms requires a strategy to cope with frequent operating system updates and upgrades. We can handle that.

Software that is context-intelligent and light-weight about data usage and able to integrate with your back-office software and offer the functions your customer needs in a mobile environment with data economy in mind, while providing an intuitive, pleasant experience for the user.

More about Mobile Application Development

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Mobile Application Development Best Practices

PegasusOne follows strict guidelines and best practices for all its projects. You can read more about our Mobile Application Development best practices here.
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We’ll turn your Big Data into Good Decisions.

Imagine transforming your stream of raw data into up-to-the minute information you can use to make effective strategic, tactical and operational decisions, predict customer demand, simulate performance, and interpret historical information. Our Big data veterans can provide all that for you:

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing tools can aggregate, measure, report, and analyze historical trends and patterns to provide useful business insights to support decision-making, make better projections, and set achievable goals for your business.

Database Performance Optimization ensures that your IT infrastructure is free of problems that could slow things down. Our team will quickly identify issues, eliminate problems, and implement faster, leaner solutions.

We know how to manage the special considerations for building software to handle Big Data, such as:

  • Building analytic reports that produce intelligent and useful information for your specific goals, while also allowing the flexibility for your end user to create their own customized reports;
  • Creating capacity for exponential data growth and the continuous need to monitor and update data for quality;
  • Producing effective new-user education strategies so that your users are able to quickly and efficiently harness the full power of the software we have built for you.

If you have Big Data and don’t know where to start, don’t worry. We do.

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BI/Big Data Implementation Best Practices

PegasusOne follows strict guidelines and best practices for all its projects. You can read more about our Business Intelligence Solutions Implementation and Customization Best Practices here.
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Software that plays well with things.

The development of wearable technology and household items that send and receive data through wi-fi and bluetooth (collectively known as the Internet of Things) has brought software development needs to many industries that were not traditionally IT-based. In addition to the standard software development protocols, IoT development presents additional considerations and opportunities, all of which our teams are experienced at managing for our clients.

Wearables and other IoT devices collect an enormous amount of data. Our developers know how to:

  • Handle the flood of data and extract meaningful information for the user;
  • Manage the the storage of data when the device is offline–until it can be transferred elsewhere, for example;
  • Consider the effect of data transfers and remote updates on device power and battery life;
  • Design additional layers of security to protect data transferred by devices;
  • Define and execute testing strategies that ensure flawless operation in a near-limitless number of different environments.

Don’t worry, though. If your company is dreaming up a new IoT application, our team knows how to make it work and create a wonder-filled, bug-free experience for your user.

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IoT Application Development Best Practices

PegasusOne follows strict guidelines and best practices for all its projects. You can read more about our IoT Application Development Best Practices here.
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Software that manages your relationships well.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a common application area for SaaS product teams. Our custom CRM specialists can build a custom software platform for your business that effectively manages leads, closes deals, and keeps your customers happy. We use the most current CRM platforms available, including:

SugarCRM is an affordable and easy to use CRM platform designed to help your business communicate with prospects, share sales information, close deals and keep customers happy. We can host and customize it for you.

vTiger CRM is widely trusted by thousands of businesses to effectively manage leads, identify quality sales, track marketing campaigns and monitor inventory. It combines the best of SugarCRM and SalesForce into a single package. vTiger is best suited for businesses that need to respond to their frequently changing business needs with agility and keep a tight control on costs.

Our SalesForce CRM consultants and developers are experienced at providing specialized CRM development services using the SalesForce suite. A SalesForce solution can help businesses leverage their resources and ensure smoothly functioning business systems.

Suite CRM is another option our teams are able utilize to provide a highly-performant CRM system that offers flexible customization, third-party integration, and a streamlined process for your team and your customers.

We have customized CRM suites to many different industries–health care, sales management, marketing management, real estate, finance, accounting, and more–and integrated those systems with third-party software and APIs to create flexible, customized software solutions for our clients needs.

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CRM Development Best Practices

PegasusOne follows strict guidelines and best practices for all its projects. You can read more about our CRM Implementation and Customization Best Practices here.
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That the world is changing ever more quickly is not news. What’s far more interesting, we believe, is that the power of digital has brought us to the beginning of the next set of opportunities: reinvention rooted in artificial intelligence.

We started our Artificial Intelligence journey by applying our Data Science chops to the Geo-Spatial side of the house – and quickly accelerated into applying emerging technologies that build upon a strong Data Science foundation, namely Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and ultimately more high order Artificial Intelligence techniques to transform our Geo-Spatial business from an almost entirely manual data processing service into a nearly fully automated one – resulting in tremendous gains in processing times, accuracy, and dramatically lower operating costs.

And we’d like to share what we’ve learnt with you to see if we can help with your challenges next.

Software Outsourcing, Simplified.

We invite you to open the conversation about how we can replace the agony of offshoring with a simpler, better software outsourcing experience. Set up a free consultation today.