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At Pegasus One, we enable the sports industry to leverage information technology at all levels by developing custom software solutions, responsive sports websites, mobile apps, BI & analytical solutions, simulators, widgets, and much more.

The global sports industry revenues are set to rise as high as $145 billion and there is a significant change underway to utilize digital innovation wherever possible. Information Technology will play a game changing role as it can revolutionize the way sports are being taught, practiced, managed, played, recorded, and broadcast (television, computer, mobile devices). Running your league, club or association shouldn’t be a full-time job. Easy to learn and user-friendly, our online sports management technology helps thousands of baseball, softball, football, soccer, hockey, and all types of sports organizers automate their administrative work and manage their players. In other words, you’ll spend a lot less time on the mundane stuff so you can spend more time on the fun stuff.

Sports Software Solutions.

Improve each and every aspect of your team, league, or training program with specialized software. Create a next-level fan engagement experience or develop specialized health and fitness software to elevate your game.

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ai software development artificial intelligence