Data Preparation Services

Let us take care of the labor-intensive process of cleaning, structuring, and enriching your data ready for machine learning and analytics.

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Boost your company’s technical capabilities faster. With expertise in technologies like Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Data Mining, Analytics, and Visualization, our AI engineers develop highly user-focused, data-driven AI solutions.

Our hand-picked engineers have a proven track record of building and managing custom AI solutions that serve millions across the globe. Constant upskilling and certifications ensure that they stay upto date and fit the market needs at any point in time – while delivering highly user-focused, custom AI solutions.

Data Preparation Services Offered

Data Cleaning

Identifying and rectifying inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and missing values in datasets to ensure data quality.

Data Gathering

Our Data gathering services collect data from any type of source: full-stack integrations, custom APIs, flat files, platform connectors etc. that can be used for training AI models of your choice.

Data Integration

Combining data from various sources and formats into a unified, structured dataset for analysis.

Data Transformation

Converting data into a common format, aggregating or disaggregating information, and creating new features for modeling.

Data Filtering

Removing irrelevant or redundant data to reduce noise and improve model accuracy.

Data Imputation

Filling in missing data using statistical techniques to maintain data completeness.

Data Standardization

Ensure uniform data formats and units of measurement for consistency and compatibility.

Data Normalization

Scale and transform your data to fall within a specific range, making it suitable for machine learning algorithms.

Data Enrichment

Enhance your datasets with external data sources to provide additional context and insights.

Data Validation

Verify your data accuracy, consistency, and adherence to predefined rules and constraints.

Data Segmentation

Split your datasets into subsets based on criteria like time, geography, or other relevant factors for analysis.

Quality Assessment

Conduct comprehensive data quality assessments, identifying and quantifying issues in the dataset.

Data Digitization

Data Digitization services are a core enabler of digital transformation across several industries. We employ tools that speed up this process for you, while maintaining high-levels of accuracy and inter-operability.

Data Tagging

AI Models are only as good as the data they are trained on, and Data Tagging ensures the quality and productivity of your models.

Media Annotation

Our annotation services allow us to label and categorize videos and images at scale and set up systems for deep learning and more advanced automation.

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Explore more AI & ML Development Services

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Explore some of Pegasus One’s success stories where Custom AI solutions have transformed businesses and processes.

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Join our CEO and CTO to learn how you can add AI powered tools such as language and speech recognition, speaker authentication, chat bots, and more to your existing enterprise apps and software. We talk about the services provided by Microsoft Azure (Azure Cognitive Services) that make it easier and faster to make an intelligent, self-learning and universally accessible app that enhances the overall user experience.

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Working with you was an awesome experience! Thank you for improving our site performance fifteen-fold within a few days.... Working with you was an awesome experience! Thank you for improving our site performance fifteen-fold within a few days

Johnson Bruce

Thanks to you, our company now has time to concentrate on the important things, and not worry about who will devlop and grow our product

Kathleen Webber

As a verteran of many systems-development projects, I was particularly impressed with your implementation speed, adaptability to multiple changes, timely improvement recommendations, warnings about potential problems.

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your company has worked on a variety of complex projects for us. We return again and again because your team is very talented and dedicated to delivering high-quality work products at a very competitive price point.

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