Hire an iPhone App Developer and iOS Programmer

So, you want to launch a new iPhone app on the App Store. If you don’t have the skills to take on this task internally, you may need to hire an outsourced iPhone developer from iphone app development company Los Angeles from Pegasus One – someone who is skilled at creating software for Apple’s operating system, iOS. Best-in-business iOS developers have a few things in common, but they can sometimes be difficult to find among the mass of developers available.

Don’t worry, we’ll help you!

Almost anyone can say they are an iOS developer,from iOS software development company but it takes a special set of skills and hard-earned experience to manage the development process successfully. Bug fixing, getting your app accepted by the Apple App Store, launching your app, and updating it can also be complicated processes, especially if iOS app development is a new terrain for you.

Here’s what you need to know about finding and working with an ideal development partner, so you can bring your idea to life on the iPhone.

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Our iOS development protocols, created through years of experience in the field, ensure that every client gets an optimized iPhone/iPad app that maximizes the business potential in their particular niche. It’s safe to say we’re extremely proud of our iOS developers and the results they deliver for our clients.

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iOS is the mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. Unlike other open source operating systems like Android, iOS only works with Apple’s hardware – the iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.

While some developers view this as a restriction, developing an app on iOS opens a lot of opportunity for you as a business, especially if you target the United States market. The iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the United States, especially for future generations.

About 82% of U.S. teens used an iPhone in 2018, and Apple commands a lot of brand loyalty.

The royalty rate for Apple’s operating systems is between 85% to 88% in the past few years. That means as many as 88% of the people who use the operating system stick with it – and with Apple’s devices.

In December of 2018, Apple iOS had a 44.8% mobile market share compared to Google Android, which had 54.2%.

Businesses approach outsourced iOS developers for many different reasons, but some of the primary benefits of outsourcing are:

  • Access to a larger talent pool
  • Access to more experienced developers and technical expertise
  • Freeing up time to focus on core business objectives
  • Significant cost savings
  • Better risk management and security
  • Faster speed to market

The reasons you choose to outsource your project can inform how you manage your relationship with your iOS developer. If you have the technical expertise in-house, you may wish to take a more hands-on approach. If you’re focused more on the business value of app development, you may prefer to have high-level discussions about your project and receive regular reports about progress.

Either way, your outsourced development team should be able to accommodate your needs and manage your project in a transparent and cost-effective way.

Before even a single line of code is written, you need to craft a comprehensive user interface (UI). It’s this interface which will define the user experience (UX) and, therefore, the success of your app.

Too often, amateur developers forgo working on UI fixes and jump right into developing the features and functionality of the app. While it’s the features and functionality which will inevitably drive the most business value, users may never get to see the app’s functions if the user interface is cumbersome.

UI and UX go beyond how nice the app looks (although that is a consideration). It should be easy and straightforward for a user to access the app, find what they’re looking for, and accomplish the task they set out to do.

iOS provides some exciting features for UI and UX development. Depending on what you need your app to do, you could tap into the sensors on Apple’s devices, such as its camera enhancements, GPS, and the built-in level feature. If you do need to tap into a device’s sensors, it’s usually best to develop in the device’s native programming language (such as Objective-C or Swift for iOS), rather than a hybrid language, to optimize performance and usability.

But expert developers will focus painstakingly on other UI best practices, such as proper content formatting, touch controls, contrast, spacing, and accessibility.

Some outsourced iOS developers try to take a self-interested approach to their work. They’ll take your idea, work behind closed doors, then present you with a finished product.

But for your project to drive real business value, you need to be part of the process. You understand your customers and your users, so you are in the best position to offer your development team insights into developing highly usable software.

The best outsourced iOS developers rely on streamlined channels of communication to not only keep you informed about your project but also to get your input along the way. Instead of waiting for a finished product, you should be able to count on benchmarks and milestones being met incrementally, on time, and on budget.

Before even beginning work on your project, your outsourced developer should establish a communication protocol. This protocol will dictate how and when your developer will communicate you, whether it’s through email, regular VoIP calls, or even in person. This eliminates communication barriers and gives way to more transparency, more collaboration, and faster decision-making.

If you’ve had any experience in the software development world, you may have heard the horror stories about intellectual property theft: After giving an outsourced developer the keys to their kingdom, a company learns that the developer is essentially holding their source code for ransom, not letting them leave for a different developer until they pay up.  

Before hiring an iPhone developer, make sure it’s clear (and in writing) that every line of code they create is your intellectual property, not theirs. They should be taking on the role of the ghostwriter and the expert consultant in your relationship.

Whether you want to adopt a web application for iOS, or you want to watch an app grow from concept to launch, you’ll need an experienced development team to build, test, and deploy your software.

When hiring an iPhone developer, ask to see evidence of their experience. Ensure you also obtain a roadmap for your project, so you can keep track of important milestones on your way to launch.