Five easy ways for building your internet brand with your website

  • Develop a “benefit oriented” core message: People don’t buy services or products, they buy the benefits of those services or products. In all your communications, make sure your message translates into specific benefits.
  • Implement Search engine optimization (SEO) and online reputation management: A website with properly implemented SEO program has higher prospect retention, attracts targeted prospects and builds credibility for your company.  Provide useful information on online communities, forums. Publish online articles and news releases. Take steps to remove any incorrect and potentially damaging information available online about your company.
  • Launch an influential Blog: Create an influential blog to build your profile and attain expert status in your niche market. Make sure your posts have a purpose and provide real value to the reader. Straight-laced professionalism is so passe. Throw some of your personal life/ flair into your blogging to give your site personality and start developing your own brand. Use blog broadcasting services to distribute your blog to mass audience.
  • Communicate through Social media websites: Use social media sites to listen to your customers and prospects. It is a very useful platform to get customer feedback, suggestions and distribute product/services information. Also, use it to demonstrate the character and values of your company and make the visitor comfortable and welcomed.
  • Demonstrate a cause and provide helpful resources: Support and demonstrate your support for a noble cause like Fight against cancer for betterment of society and community. Provide general resources like e-books, free software, free educational seminars.
January 24th, 2010|Strategy|