Top Design Trends In iOS App Development for 2020

July 25, 2019|

Yes, the iOS mobile app development platform is inherently as versatile as it is powerful - but at the same time, you need to acknowledge that it is essentially locked in a permanent state of transformation. Every year, Apple releases multiple new iPhone and iPad models into the world, each with their own innovative new

How To Design A Mobile App User Interface Like A Pro

June 28, 2019|

While it's certainly true that mobile apps have come quite a long way in the decade-or-so since Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone to the world, there is still one important idea that is just as true today as it was in 2007: The difference between a mobile app user interface and a good mobile

Journey Driven Design – Moving on from Mobile First Approach

February 27, 2018|

Recently, our team at Pegasus One met with representatives from a prospective healthcare client. We'd covered the fundamental approach of user-centered design and agreed on leading with research and strategy. We all seemed to be in agreement until the head of their team suddenly asked a question: "you, you guys design mobile-first, right?" The problem

What You Need to Know About Mobile App Usability Best Practices

October 7, 2016|

You’ve got a great idea for a mobile app that will promote your business, provide entertainment, and/or be the next “big thing.” You just need to build it and they will come…right? Not necessarily. If you want to create an app that people will actually enjoy using, you’ve got to think about usability. Here are