How to Choose the Right IoT Platform: The Ultimate Checklist

February 18, 2019|

Every day, more and more devices are becoming a part of the Internet of Things (IoT) - a vast network of items both simple and complicated, always creating and sharing data with one another, over the Internet. According to a recent study conducted by Intel, there will be roughly 200 billion devices connected to this

R vs Python: Which one is better for Artificial Intelligence Development

February 15, 2019|

R vs Python: The way to A.I.!For a growing number of people, data science is a central part of their job. Increased data availability, more powerful computing, and an emphasis on an analytics-driven decision in business has made it a heyday for data science. According to a report from IBM, in 2015 there were 2.35

Top 5 best Programming Languages for Artificial Intelligence

February 15, 2019|

After a stagnant run for decades, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going through a period of resurgence and acceleration. With demand for AI skills more than doubling in recent years, a career in AI has become a highly attractive option for people with interest in data science and software engineering. PwC’s recent report “Sizing the Prize,” forecasts GDP

Top Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Tools everyone should use

January 14, 2019|

The tools of choice for data scientists are machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) software. There is a wealth of articles listing reliable ML and AI tools with in-depth descriptions of functionality. We have tried to add some insights into the process by including feedback from our experiences. We have tried to answer 5

Microsoft AI vs Google AI vs Amazon AI vs Others

October 22, 2018|

1. Why companies want to be a part of AI revolution The largest companies in tech, especially Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, spent their year hyping up something a little more abstract: their ongoing quests to build a so-called "general artificial intelligence," and all the extra smarts they're adding to the product while they're at

10 Steps to follow during VB6 to .NET migration

August 27, 2018|

Converting VB6 code to .NET is not a simple process and cannot be executed easily, even if using automation tools. A lot of automation tools are available for this, including solutions by Microsoft. Some of the major changes undergone in VB6 is in the Common Language Runtime (CLR) new programming model. To reap maximum benefit

Product Development With SaaS: Solving the Most Common Problems That Threaten Your Release

October 5, 2017|

The gut is under assault. We’re not talking about the Weight Watchers, expanding-waistlines version here. We’re talking about the region of the gut that resides in the brain of executive leadership – the gut often cited for instinctive decisions that resulted because someone thought, or felt, that millions should be spent on their idea. Today,

Benefits Of Adopting Devops In Your Business

May 16, 2017|

In this rapidly changing world, where new technologies are being released every day, it is not uncommon to hear of companies working on software or projects for so long that they are outdated by the time they come out. In this fast-paced environment, agility and flexibility are now essential business attributes. This is where DevOps comes

Benefits of using Meteor for mobile apps development

January 2, 2017|

The Benefits of Meteor for Mobile Apps development One of the most popular platforms for mobile, web and desktop app development is Meteor. If you need to write an app, all your friends and colleagues are going to tell you to use the open source platform, especially if you are building a JavaScript application. Every