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PegasusOne, as a leader in software product engineering enables you to create a new wave of experience through scalable products, intelligent connected solutions and cloud implementations which are designed from the ground up by our experienced Software Architects and Implementation Managers to be a world class product.

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Product Sustenance

If shorter life cycles are the new reality, how can companies increase — or even just maintain — revenue from maturing products? Close to 40% of investments on products are focused on product sustenance and support, and up to 30% of operating expenses for a mature product line comprise customer retention and service. Companies are trying to keep pace with market evolution by attempting to add new features to mature products (while trying to manage costs), and extracting synergies between technology and its support to unlock value and increase operational efficiencies.

PegasusOne has been supporting product lines for its clients in the U.S., providing L1 and L2 product support, sustenance engineering, and migration services using product intelligence.

Through specialized tools, and best practices, we help product manufacturers operate more efficiently and address their customers’ expectations by providing new and more relevant solutions.

Our solution brings you the following benefits:

  • Greater capacity availability, as core team members are free to focus on newer product development and innovation.
  • Reduced cost of ownership by minimizing sustenance costs, which is made possible by mature processes and effective off-shoring, automation and risk management.
  • Reduced overall workload, resulting from the reduction of management overheads.
  • Timely and high-quality deliveries at reduced costs and time, achieved through stringent quality processes, a clear escalation and communication plan, and configuration tools.