Disaster Recovery and Back-Up

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PegasusOne, as a leader in software product engineering enables you to create a new wave of experience through scalable products, intelligent connected solutions and cloud implementations which are designed from the ground up by our experienced Software Architects and Implementation Managers to be a world class product.

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Disaster Recovery And Back-Up

Top IT leaders are realizing that the game has changed when it comes to disaster recovery. In fact – it’s no longer about just IT recovery – it’s about business resiliency and proven outcomes. At the heart of our disaster recovery approach is the management of the following three areas:

Protecting your data, recovering your environment, and managing your recovery. Within each area, PegasusOne offers a range of products and services to ensure that your data and applications are up and running when disaster strikes. We stand behind what we do with contractually guaranteed service level agreements.

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Business and IT leaders are demanding predictable outcomes. Experience the PegasusOne difference with Recovery-As-A-Services solutions that are:

  • Fully-managed: by the best minds in recovery
  • Predictable: to help you realize real savings and know what you will spend
  • Guaranteed: overall business recovery backed by our SLA
  • Comprehensive yet flexible: designed-to-work with actual Hybrid IT environments
  • Proven: consistent best practices in tests and declarations honed over 35 years