Managed Product Development

Out-of-the-box software won’t meet all of your needs. Pegasus One has the experience to take your idea through all phases of design and development to market entry. We know the many pitfalls and hidden challenges that arise. Our high-end Product Development team will walk you through the pipeline, end-to-end, while meeting your requirements within budget and on-time.


Our Services.

Pegasus One takes care of all of your project needs. Our experts, with over 20+ years of experience, are masters in designing working solutions for all types of projects. We can take your idea and lead you through the entire software development life cycle. Whatever role you need us to play, we can make your Product Development process a success.

  • A dedicated project manager is assigned to each product
  • No shared resources are used, ensuring complete focus on your project
  • Industry-leading project collaboration tools ensure transparency throughout the process and feature-rich capabilities
  • Constant communication with clients to ensure product and business objectives
  • We begin with a comprehensive analysis to understand your project requirements and business processes.
  • We use tried and tested methods to detail the concept through collaborative engagement
  • We include competitor analysis to maximize effectiveness
  • We build a Prototype to ensure we are on track
  • Our experts devise a feasible roadmap for your product
  • Technical leadership assistance guides the process and evaluates technologies best suited to the project
  • We determine the ideal Development Requirements: functional and non-function
  • We devise the best Architecture, Design and Models for your product
  • We build a Prototype, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), that passes all of your requirements
  • Our Implementation of stringent tests and certifications ensure the final product exceeds your expectations
  • We develop a post-project strategy and maintenance plan
  • We assign a highly experienced senior leader who is responsible for all your project needs. We prioritize finding someone with an expert skillset that will match your requirements.
  • Our team of technical professionals are also hand chosen to complement your project needs and ensure superior results.
  • We employ the best models of development to ensure timely resolutions of issues
  • With years of experience developing in an agile environment, our teams ensure timely delivery and high-quality
  • Adherence to strict transparency in all phases. This method ensures client feedback is timely which eliminates costly delays.
  • The success of our team is built on seamless communication and collaboration with all our partners, especially you.
  • 24×7 assistance from our team ensures any issues are resolved fast, causing no friction in any of your processes.
  • US based Project-Manager level support available to all our clients.
  • Our efforts don’t end with your product being deployed. We carry on even after the project is declared a success and whenever you need followup.
  • We provide assistance with post-implementation issues that are commonly overlooked by other companies and take the time to ensure “knowledge transfer” to your employees for smooth functioning.

Our Expertise.


Managed product development is the answer to your worries.

Talk to our experts to evaluate how our Managed Product Development Services are different from others. It is free and requires no commitment.


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Our work process is a disciplined methodology that leads to successful outcomes. It guides the way we plan, research, collaborate and execute the entire project to completion. We utilize three core tenets.

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Your company has worked on a variety of complex projects for us. We return again and again because your team is very talented and dedicated to delivering high-quality work products at a very competitive price point.
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