Cloud Infrastructure Optimization

Maximize the efficiency of your cloud solutions with our resident AWS and Azure certified cloud experts – for performance, budget, security and much more.


Our Services.

Your cloud environment can shift from its initial ideal state to an unwanted state and create technical debt, an unwanted security situation and undocumented one-off changes. Pegasus One cloud optimization services evaluate your cloud, report on critical security gaps, recommend remediation steps and re-architect for getting to that desired state.

  • Our Microsoft and Amazon certified cloud experts perform deep analysis of your entire cloud, pin-point lapses and areas for improvements.
  • Eliminate wasteful cloud resource usage
  • Automated On/Off Scheduling setup to reduce costs.
  • Implement other recommendations
  • With our certified AWS and Azure team members – achieving compliance for your cloud becomes a breeze.
  • Get a detailed score against HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, SOC2 and ISO guidelines for evaluation.
  • Custom recommendation reports for each instance.
  • Bot Management
  • Failure and disaster recovery
  • Opportunity and discovery management
  • Maximizing the platform efficiency

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