Azure migration services by PegasusOne

Applications evolve over time. Just like a business, an application must be evaluated, changed, and possibly reinvented to take advantage of innovative business practices, new technologies, or to change the operational costs of using the application. The introduction of new application environments, such as Microsoft Windows Azure, offer new platform alternatives upon which to modernize and migrate applications.

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We can accelerate your Application Modernization and Application Migration efforts while at the same time adding in the robustness and scalability of cloud technologies.

Our deep technical skills and expertise with Microsoft Azure allows your organization to develop software applications that add functionality, can scale dynamically and cost you less to build and run over their lifetime.

Our Azure migration services can help you:

  • Generate extensive savings to drop to the bottom line, provide reinvestment funds, or redirect resources to activities such as updating, upgrading or replacing existing applications.
  • Realign IT staff resources with line-of-business goals to further revenue growth and other market-facing agendas.
  • Scale usage and storage on-demand and in real time with requirements, so expenses better match revenue.


  • Network engineers with expertise in setting up Azure infrastructure like virtual servers, networks, load balancing, blob etc
  • Completed migrations of several enterprise applications on several domains like finance, learning management, ecommerce, healthcare.
  • Microsoft certified developers with expertise in developing Azure compliant applications.
  • Expertize on setting up disaster recovery sites, database replication and load balancing.
  • Database administrators with expertise in modernization and migration on Azure databases.
  • Migrated over 15 TB of data and 25 databases to Azure.
  • Setup and optimized more than 60 Azure servers.
PegasusOne will lead an evaluation of the business problem solved by an application, what organizations and individuals are affected by the application, infrastructure dependencies, total cost of ownership (TCO), and possible modern architectures that could be applied to the application. As part of the Application Migration Assessment. We utilize our Cloud Decision Framework and Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit Application Pilot in Azure to ensure that the legacy application is well suited to Windows Azure. During this phase we will gather Information on relevant Azure workloads, usage scenarios and associated operating costs. We will develop a preliminary Azure initiative roadmap, documentation of existing server environment.

We will configure the Azure environment for your application. Application changes/code rewrites are performed to allow the application to meet all current business requirements and architected to run within Windows Azure. Following steps are taken in the Pilot phase:

  • Identify changes needed in the application architecture and code for application modernization per Azure.
  • Define Azure compliant distributed architecture to maximize performance and minimize maintenance costs.
  • Configure and setup a distributed application infrastructure including network setup, servers, blobs, security, load balancing, redundancy, disaster recovery etc.
  • Functional and load testing of the application.
We will then develop and deploy the evolved application to Windows Azure. Optimizations are made to fully leverage the dynamic scalability of Azure as well as provisions to the application to achieve the lowest monthly operating cost.
Collaborating with the end users, PegasusOne provides a complete set of tests, both automated and by-hand, assuring the experience and expectations of the customer are met for the existing features and any new functionality.
PegasusOne works with the customer to create a support and maintenance plan for the application. This includes operational maintenance related to the governance and reporting of the Windows Azure subscription.