Creating a unique customer experience with Magento

Over the past year, the global pandemic has forced a hard shift in the way consumers shop and spend. In 2020, the boost in online shopping due to COVID-19 drove an additional US $178 billion in ecommerce revenue—a level of increase previously not forecast to be reached until 2022. Is your company positioned to win consumer hearts and minds in today’s competitive ecommerce landscape?

Over the years, we’ve deployed and managed large-scale e-commerce platforms for a wide range of organizations, providing custom solutions that help companies scale, improve the customer experience, and increase competitive edge. When out clients are looking for a way to create the most effective, engaging ecommerce experiences for your customers, we often recommend Magento.
With a foundation in the Adobe Experience Cloud, Magento commerce solutions are designed to give small, mid-size, and enterprise businesses the agility and scalability to create unique customer experiences that drive bottom-line growth.

We recommend Magento for its easy integration, agile hosting capabilities, customization, and robust performance:

  • Smooth integration with third-party platforms, including eBay, PayPal, Mailchimp, Google Shopping, and QuickBooks, with support for data analytics
  • Easy customization with third-party apps and plugins makes it simple to deliver a shopping experience targeted exclusively to your core audience
  • Support for custom code and module file integrity to ensure that core file upgrades don’t affect the customized components of your platform
  • Centralized hosting capabilities enable you to host multiple websites with a single back-end admin
  • Optimized performance gives large-scale shopping platforms the power to get the most from security enhancements, SEO, current design trends, and evolving ecommerce requirements
  • A feature-rich, robust platform enables you to manage hundreds of products without sacrificing performance
  • Built-in SEO compatibility facilitates automatic generation of SEO-optimized URLS and ensures that websites are compatible across platform and device
  • Rapid site loading keeps customers engaged and prevents them from clicking away due to sluggish page responses
  • WYSIWYG content management lets you create a unique, user-friendly store experience with no programming expertise required
  • Insight and analytics from detailed reports keep you on top of key customer, order, and product trends, and provide comprehensive business data that eases your load at tax time

Is Magento right for your business?

We love to talk ecommerce. If you have questions about Magento—or ecommerce in general—just schedule a 30-minute chat with one of our expert ecommerce engineers. We’re happy to help!