Product Rescue and Tech. Debt

“Cutting corners when you develop you product saves time and money. But often leads to problems later on in the life of the product. We assign experts who specialize in product rescue under such circumstances, capable of bringing your product back to life.

Services: Tech Debt assessment and evaluation”

Modernization and integration/upgradation

“Enterprises depend on legacy apps. Enterprises also need to keep moving ahead. The process of adopting the legacy apps to new infrastructure and app environment is not always as straigtforward as it may seems. Compatibility issues can be a deal breaker. Integration can be a nightmare. If you have run into such issues with your software, you are not alone. Pegasus One has helped countless enterprises seamleassly integrate their core apps to modern infrastructure, integrating decades old systems with state of the art and modern solutions.

Our services include:Assessment, Planning, Roadmapping, Consulting and modernization strategy”