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Relevant Services and Competent Skills

To put it simply, we can and will do whatever it takes to deliver the product you need in the parameters you require. We work with all current and relevant technologies in web, mobile and cloud; we deliver turn-key projects or provide flexible, on-demand staffing extensions for your own team; and we can develop custom-built new software products or upgrade and maintain existing software for your company.

No matter what kind of solution you need, we will start by understanding your business processes as well as your current pain. We have the business and technical resources to assist at any level during a deployment. We offer business process consulting, custom module development, data integration services, public and private online training and many other services helpful to software deployments.

We love solving problems with software.

If you are looking to offer a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product to your customers, Pegasus One can assist and collaborate with you anywhere along your product development life cycle. We have over 10 years of experience in implementing SaaS solutions for start-ups and large corporations alike.

Technology products in all industries are increasingly being delivered using a SaaS model, with software being licensed by subscription to users and hosted in the cloud. There are specific requirements to SaaS product development:

  • Shorter product update cycles;
  • Non-disruptive maintenance and upgrade strategies;
  • Robust redundancies that provide near-zero downtime;
  • Resource usage that is scaleable up and down in response to real-time demand;
  • Cloud-level data security measures;
  • Fluency in leading-edge technologies, including mobile-optimized and responsive approaches.

Our teams understand these needs and have experience executing SaaS projects in many different functional areas, including eCommerce, mobile-optimization, CRM, accounting, lending, learning and content management, event planning, and shipping logistics, among others.

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SaaS/PaaS Development Best Practices

PegasusOne follows strict guidelines and best practices for all its projects. You can read more about our SaaS/PaaS Implementation and Customization Best Practices here.
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You’ll be ready for web, mobile, and cloud.

Providing customers with a way to interact with your business on all of their devices is essential in today’s marketplace, in every corner of the globe. Mobile applications improve conversion rates, help achieve business objectives, and create brand loyalty. You need a mobile app or mobile-optimized interface to compete in today’s market, and we can help, whether you need to build from the ground up or improve what you have.

Cross-platform functionality and fluency: A mobile-optimized strategy of any type simply must function beautifully on all kinds of devices–phones, tablets, desktops, and more–and in all kinds of operating systems–iOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and more.  Our teams know the choices involved in achieving this for you, including whether to develop your software in a universal framework or build native versions for a variety of platforms. We will help you understand the pros and cons so you can make the right decisions.

Updateability: success with mobile platforms requires a strategy to cope with frequent operating system updates and upgrades. We can handle that.

Software that is context-intelligent and light-weight about data usage and able to integrate with your back-office software and offer the functions your customer needs in a mobile environment with data economy in mind, while providing an intuitive, pleasant experience for the us