Getting Started with Software Product Engineering & Configuration

Application Development for Small Business: How It Works

When your current software is more of a headache than a time-saver – or when you find yourself and staff squandering far too many hours on administrative tasks – it’s time to look into custom software development. Software custom-made for your individual business can help you save time, improve efficiency, and boost your competitive edge. It can also make your job much more enjoyable. But where do you start, and what exactly does software product engineering and configuration entail?

Getting Started with Small Business Application Development:

Your first step is contacting a development firm that specializes in software product engineering services for the small business, like Once on board, the development team can sit down with you to discuss your unique business challenges and objectives. Collaborating with expert software engineers, you’ll define the ideal functionality and user features while receiving valuable guidance on feasibility, cost, opportunities, producibility, quality, and a realistic timeframe.

From this session, a project plan is drafted and ultimately approved so the software engineering team can segue into product development. As your custom software is being developed, you can expect to attend additional periodic project meetings where you’ll see what’s already completed, what’s going to be completed, and any significant issues that might’ve arisen.

The next phase is assurance. This is when your solution is exhaustively tested and refined. Engineers will ensure your solution meets its original requirements and overall quality standards. They’ll also look at your app’s performance, usability, and ability to run as intended. It’s only after testing and verification that a software solution is finally ready for on-site deployment, implementation, and configuration.

When looking into custom software development and configuration, a small business owner should also plan for post-deployment services that can ensure the strongest value for their investment. This includes on-site staff training along with ongoing product and technical support.

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