4 Weeks

Solution Areas:

Analytics, Big Data

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    Data Intelligence On Cloud

    Put your data to work and support business decisions with trustworthy insights.

    A 4-week engagement to produce rich, actionable reporting allowing you to explore business scenarios using data science and AI to extract hidden intelligence

    Build the foundation for a data-driven enterprise by moving legacy, rigid and often not scalable data infrastructure to a public cloud platform like Azure or AWS. Get an insights-driven information solution to gather your diverse data into a single platform and resolve persistent data quality, access, and security issues.

    Migrate your data to cloud and visualize your data using powerful dashboards tools such as Power BI. By transferring your data to a visualization tool, you empower business users to view the status of the business process and trading partner interactions in real time without custom programming or installing specific tools on desktops. All data and dashboards are automatically secured and business continuity is guaranteed in the cloud.

    Engagement process:

    • Week 1-2: Discovery and goals
    • Week 2-3: Roadmap to a data intelligence platform
    • Week 4: Plan and implementation

    Expected benefits:

    • Real time accurate reports to help with timely decision making
    • Insightful and actionable dashboard powered by state-of-the-art data visualization platforms
    • Lower costs for data warehousing, systems integration, and data quality
    • Accelerated data preparation and analytics to improve speed of business
    • Rapid experimentation at lower costs
    • Optimized internal business processes
    • Increased operational efficiency
    • Increased competitive advantage

    Our team will:

    • Study and understand the data silos in your organization
    • Building a plan to extract the actionable insights
    • Assist in integrating and analyzing your organizations data
    • Create insightful and actionable business information visualizations

    We guarantee you:

    • Simple, results-oriented and intuitive visualizations with a strong focus on business outcomes.
    • Customized reports uncovering two or more actionable insights for proactive decision making.
    • A scalable, secure and future-proof solution.