SOA Applications with Web Services and APIs

Service Oriented Architecture or SOA provides a strategic capability for integrating business processes, data, and organizational knowledge. Because interfaces are platform-independent, a client from any device using any operating system in any language can use the service. This gives you the freedom of choosing a development platform without worrying about the usage experience across the wide plethora of devices available today.

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PegasusOne implements ASP .NET applications with the SOA model. This enables our developers to create applications that are platform-independent. In a service-oriented architecture, clients consume services, rather than invoking discreet method calls directly. There are many benefits of SOA, including improved information flow, location transparency, internal software organization and better data translation.

Our SOA applications are developed on the same principles as Web Services are, allowing a similar experience across any device that may be utilizing the service. Web services can be thought of as a consumer-provider relationship on the Web while SOA is about designing your architecture to best work in a Web service environment. It is more than a set of technologies and runs independent of any specific technology. Having a strong force of developers experienced in .NET Web API technology, PegasusOne has helped clients develop scalable and complex HTTP Applications with the trusted support of Microsoft technologies at the back. We have applied this knowledge to a wide range of ASP.NET projects ranging from simple CMS website to large enterprise level web applications.

Our ASP.NET developers have years of experience in implementing Microsoft technology to assist our global clients. Our other ASP.NET services include: