Microservices architecture design

Multiply your enterprise operational efficiency by moving on to modern, decentralized, resistant and highly scalable applications.


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Consider moving to Microservices? Great choice! Fast-growing enterprises are adopting Microservices to restructure their applications, easily scale them up and ensure fault tolerance and high-availability. This helps in speeding up software delivery and increasing agility.

Pegasus One helps enterprises in modernizing their legacy systems with independent, secure, and agile microservices applications. Some of our key offerings are:

Pegasus One consultants assess your enterprise IT systems and provide a strategic roadmap for Microservices implementation.

Pegasus One API experts deliver customized integration using open source tools and APIs apps more flexible and agile.

Strategy. planning and implementation services for when you decide on migrating from your existing legacy monolith app to a microservice-based architecture.

Enterprise transformation solutions to adopt core Microservices architecture enabling greater business agility and future-proofing.

We plan and build your custom apps using a Microservices architecture in mind. Mobile, IoT, Cloud or any other platforms you can think of – are supported.

Just building might not be enough. We extend our services to ensure your new modern and scalable apps keep running with minimal defects.

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Still not sure how migrating to a Microservices based approach is better?

Talk to our experts to know about the benefits of migrating to Microservices and decentralized apps. It is free and no commitments!


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Our work process is a disciplined methodology that leads to successful outcomes. It guides the way we plan, research, collaborate and execute the entire project to completion. We utilize three core tenets.

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