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How about having your CRM answer 1000’s of your customer care queries simultaneously without a human agent in between? Or how about your showroom sales manager get a tip off when someone in the city decides to buy a car that is readily available in your stock if they get a good deal? In other words, how about the different business software you use give you solid data backed decisions to grow your business? This is no longer a science fiction concept but thanks to AI, an intelligent business might be just an algorithm away.

At Pegasus One, AI is in the front seat, driving innovation across our customer’s business lines. We are not just an R&D company that helps you with prototypes for trade shows but we help businesses enable AI in their existing systems and drive profitable results. Be it dynamic CRMs powered by intelligent conversation bots, AI integrated analytics for smarter insights, Predictive self-care health diagnostics, we build intelligent systems that coexist with any of your current infrastructure.

Our AI development solutions power a wide spectrum of industries ranging from Fashion to Consumer Tech to Automobiles to Cyber Security to High End Technology Innovation sectors. Our team of dedicated Algorithm Experts, Data Scientists, Machine Learning Specialists and Technology Consultants work in tandem to create AI platforms that integrate with the technology of today to make it competitive in the markets of tomorrow.

From Tech Startups to Hospitals, our AI solutions help decision makers across sectors gain insights and knowledge that was hitherto undiscovered in their operational ecosystem. We build the tools, secure the channels, integrate the services and scale up systems to help you set up a smarter business in no time.


Slicing business processes and ideas into hypotheses

Revamping success

Decompose existing business processes or draft new ones during brainstorm sessions with our Core AI team.

Diving into existing data, we build dataset landscape used to generate data science hypotheses related to each business task.

After creating Hypotheses & Test Cases (H&T) specifications we’re all set to start rapidly prototyping AI-Powered MVP’s.

Rapid prototyping over defined hypotheses

Build production-ready ML models.

Dedicated AI team prioritizes hypotheses list identifying key metrics – business values, KPIs and models accuracy.

Data engineers prepare existing company’s and acquired data to fulfil a Data Warehouse in the cloud (Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure), forwarding it to data science team to train models and test hypotheses.

Hypotheses become proved or not, during training & validation process, if they satisfy accuracy and boundary business KPIs, resulting in validated ML models – core components of any AI-Powered MVP.

ML Models deployment & real-world testing

Delivering AI-Powered MVP.

Delivering ML models to the real-world require an appropriate real-time infrastructure. We build such using the latest data engineering tech stack merging existing business logic & code together.

Measurement of business KPIs for each model is a key impact factor during the entire development lifecycle. We love using Tableau, Power BI, Looker.

By using various techniques to deliver AI-Powered predictions, scorings, recognized patterns, we complete business tasks and finalize our MVP development journey.


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