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Frequently, software projects fail because the cost of implementing new features increases as the complexity of the software increases. Basically, buggy, inefficient design becomes harder and harder to work with as a project goes on. A larger and larger percentage of hours become devoted to rework. We don’t do it that way.

We embrace a flexible, iterative process that allows us to work more efficiently. We emphasize trust, partnership, and collaborative problem-solving. We tackle projects as a series of smaller sprints versus as a marathon, so our solutions mirror ever-changing requirements, limiting time spent on re-writes and fixes.

Our process includes the rigorous application of best practices engendered by Agile software development, a combination of scrum project management processes and extreme programming engineering practices.

Our teams use agile methodology to implement its projects. This is based on a document called the Agile Manifesto. Following is a description of some of the agile practices we use.