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Pegasus One delivers complex IoT solutions at low cost with minimal risk.
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The development of wearable technology and household items that send and receive data through wi-fi and bluetooth (collectively known as the Internet of Things) has brought software development needs to many industries that were not traditionally IT-based. In addition to the standard software development protocols, IoT development presents additional considerations and opportunities, all of which our teams are experienced at managing for our clients.

Wearables and other IoT devices collect an enormous amount of data. Our developers know how to:

  • Handle the flood of data and extract meaningful information for the user
  • Manage the storage of data when the device is offline–until it can be transferred elsewhere
  • Consider the effect of data transfers and remote updates on device power and battery life
  • Design additional layers of security to protect data transferred by devices
  • Define and execute testing strategies that ensure flawless operation in a near-limitless number of different environments

Don’t worry, though. If your company is dreaming up a new IoT application, our team knows how to make it work and create a wonder-filled, bug-free experience for your user.

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Smart Services encompasses Collaboration and Innovation with your connected devices. Learn about the various IoT Solutions that Pegasus One can enable to transform your connected devices into a smart business.