Construct 2 development
by Pegasus One

Contruct 2 is a robust game development platform that gives developers the freedom of creating superb looking games for multiple platforms at once, hence saving time and resources for us and our clients. Whether you want to develop for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, PC or a Mac, we are here to help.

Being an ideal HTML5 game development framework, Construct2 allows building games easier and quicker. It gives an easy access to a wide set of tools needed to create games.

Pegasus One develops 2D games using Construct 2 advanced tools that give the developers wide option range to choose from. Being cross-platform capable it supports multiple browsers including Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera on desktop; and iOS, Chrome and Firefox for Smartphones including Android, Windows and Blackberry. With a reputable recognition in Construct 2 game development, Pegasus One has skilled and experienced developers who can implement right solutions at very affordable prices.

Construct 2 development services.

  • 2D Puzzle Games
  • 3D Games
  • Endless Runner Games
  • Motion based games
  • Mind reader games
  • Card Games
  • Casino Games
  • Racing games
  • IQ Test games

Other Supported Platforms .

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