Game Development in Orange County

PegasusOne offers a wide range of game development services across Mobile and desktop platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone as well as Windows desktop OS. Our developers are experienced in developing platform as well as arcade games. Our clientele includes Fortune 500 and Startups that trust us for their game development in Orange County.

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When it comes to casual entertainment for the masses, gaming takes the crown undisputed. As such, there has been a large spike in the demand for game development with the advent of powerful smartphones that are technically capable of giving a rich gaming experience.

We have successfully delivered a number of projects in Orange County that canvas action, puzzles, strategy, arcade, casino, cards and much more. Our dynamic combination of zeal and experience has helped us mature and reach a level where we can assist you in building any kind of game for any platform or multiple platforms.

Our supported platforms

Game Development Services

At PegasusOne, not only do we perform collaborative development with our clients for existing games that they may have, we also develop games right from scratch. Our game development experts have the potential to transform a simple game idea into a complete, marketable game. We develop games for Android, iPhone and Windows phone among others for a variety of target sectors. We display immense experience in 3D game development engines such as Unity3D and also in 2D game development kits like Cocos 2D, Corona SDK, Contruct 2, Game Salad etc.


We have a well thought out, practiced and improvised process of working that has ensured that we repeatedly deliver high class games to our clientele. A clear understanding of requirements is established, followed by agile development cycles and completed with a thorough quality check. In order to achieve this, we make sure that our developers have the best tools at their disposal.

Casino / Card Games

PegasusOne offers you a wide range of optiaons for game development in Orange County for Casino games, Poker, Slot Machines, Bingo, Roulette, Card Games etc for a platform of your choice. Be it iOS, Android or PC, we use the best tools for implementing your next bet!