Finding the right kind of person to help with your software development needs is key to a successful project and a good partner but sometimes finding the right kind of person seems like a needle in a haystack. Here are some tips to help you find that wonderful person without communication gaps or misunderstandings.

1. No Rush
Don’t rush it! Hiring someone for a job like software development should not be taken lightly. You want the most qualified person to handle the job, not just an okay person. Take the time you need to find the right candidate.

2. Do Your Research and Ask Questions
It is possible to have a reliable partner who also shares your idea of having an active partnership with you. You want to make sure you can count on them, that the communication is there and that you are on the same page culturally and technically. Be sure to choose a person who has a strong design background, who is interested in art, music and other design-orientated subjects.

Don’t start talking about price tags first, start asking about their past jobs, clients they have worked with; their devotion to their current or former company; projects they have worked on; their expertise; etc. This gives you a good idea of their loyalty, their strengths, and their work ethic. It gives you an opportunity to understand their level of commitment to you as a partner. Then be sure to check their references and qualifications. Take what you have learned from their background and research it yourself to see if it measures up.

Ask about availability, will they be available when you need to discuss the project, what communication works best – Skype, phone, iMessenger? Also, be sure you consider what time zone they are in and discuss what hours they are available and what time commitment they have for the project.

Next discuss the work and the payment arrangements associated with your project. What is the budget? What do they expect to be paid for the project? Any other relevant information.

3. Less Typitude and More Teamitude
Be sure to hire someone with less of an ego or attitude, staying away from these types of personalities are better for you in the long run. It’s nice that your developer thinks that he/she is the greatest but less yapping, and more tapping is what you want. You want them to be focused on the task, and you want someone you can also get along with. People with flashy egos tend to be harder to get along with and don’t make great teammates.

4. Testing 1,2,3…
Start with a small task first to give the person a trial run, this reassures you that they are able to handle the job and also gives you some background on what their capabilities are. If you can swing it, select a couple of different people who you think would be right for the job, and run each through a trial period, that might help to narrow down the search in more of an efficient way.

5. Be Informed
I know we don’t like to “babysit” but monitoring a project is important, especially when dealing with a new hire. Make sure you are checking in when you can so you can get an idea of where the software developer is on your project. This doesn’t mean hand holding or looking over one’s shoulder but rather keeping an eye on your project.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions, or be informed about what they are doing. Remember this is your project too, you want assurance that all is running smoothly. Stepping out of the picture for too long can only cause damage in the long run, so stay informed. Monitoring also makes sure everyone is on the same page.

Be specific about your needs and expectations up front, this is a good way to make sure you are on the same page. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or to monitor them, this makes for good management while also making sure the person being hired is doing the job up to your standards.