Are you prepared for the new normal?

The world has changed in the last few months in ways we could have never imagined. In this transition to the new world, technology has played a vital role in keeping everyone connected and the world fostering ahead. Essential services have utilized the technology to safely deliver their services. Our team has come up with the services for the future which can help you and your business adapt and grow.

Virtual Event Platform | Virtual Event Software development

online conferencing solutions virtual event platform

Online Conferencing Tools

Virtual event solutions with advanced capabilities such as presentation sharing, whiteboards, Co-browsing, Instant Messaging, VoIP Audio conferencing, Ticketing, One-on-one Interactions, Track/session management and more.

elearning solutions virtual event platform

eLearning Solutions

Software solutions for educational institutions that take the entire experience of a school online, helping deliver all education while maintaining social distancing norms. All eLearning solutions come equipped with class management tools and are fully SCORM compliant.

emeeting solutions virtual event platform

eMeeting Software

Scalable, secure, encrypted, and self-hosted video meeting platforms built from scratch for your enterprises. Self-hosted solutions mean no privacy scare and savings on third party tools licensing costs. You choose the features that you want, and we build it for you!

virtual event and conferencing software virtual event platform

Virtual Event Software

Holding online events needs a specialized platform able to handle multiple different areas that fall outside of a simple online meeting tool. Features such as events, registration, schedule management, access management, etc are all necessary. We solve this with custom-built platforms that are equipped to handle all of these functionalities and more.