Are you prepared for the new normal?

The world has changed in the last few months in ways we could have never imagined. In this transition to the new world, technology has played a vital role in keeping everyone connected and the world fostering ahead. Essential services have utilized the technology to safely deliver their services. Our team has come up with the services for the future which can help you and your business adapt and grow.

Contactless Payments, Gesture Based User Interface, AI powered vision and speech

covid trends artificial intelligence bot vision

Artificial Intelligence Bot Vision

AI-Powered spatial, facial, and character recognition tools to take the burden off of human eyes. Minimize human error, maximize efficiency.

covid trends gesture navigation

Gesture based User Interface

Gesture based user interface powered by exceptional motion tracking hardware and powerful machine learning frameworks which provide you with an alternate way of interacting with your digital gadgets.

covid trends digital payments

Contactless Payments

Accept cashless, contactless payments via RFID, NFC, POS terminals and other means from within your retail store management system with our fully integrated solutions custom-built for you.

covid trends voice technology NLP

Artificial Intelligence powered Voice Tech

Flexible solutions for enterprise data analytics. We can help you gain rich insights from structured and unstructured text and speech data.

covid trends biometrics security

No-contact Biometric Authentication

Contactless authentication solutions with Iris and Pupil scan technologies backed by powerful machine learning algorithms.