Why is CRM for Insurance Brokers Important?

1. Compliance and Keeping Records
CRM software allows keeping a record of every client that includes their full contact information, active and non-active policies as well as other relevant information. CRM also logs calls & meeting conversation with your client which keeps a record of activity and is time stamped on the system.

2. Support your business development process

As insurance advisors, it is easy for us to lose focus and neglect our ongoing business development activities. A key feature that is included in most CRM software out there is the ability to schedule follow-up tasks for yourself with an assigned date and time. Most of them will also feature a way for you to integrate those tasks with your calendar of choice.

3. Stay top of mind and know your client athena-insurance-broking-lifecycle

Keeping track of client interests and conversations are paramount. When meeting a client, we often discover their personal interests, goals, hobbies, etc. Logging these into your customer records allows you to go back and send the customer relevant content they would appreciate (based on their own interests) and ultimately helps keep you top of mind and establish yourself as a value-add resource in their eyes.

4. Renewals

The ability to maintain track of policy expiration dates in your CRM gives you the ability to pre-plan your client renewal discussions well in advance so that you can reach client well in advance

Our Experience

We have helped insurance agencies who work with CoveredCA achieve following results using our software solutions:

1. Up to 34% increase in customer acquisition, resulting in substantially increased revenue.
2. Improved customer’s satisfaction.
3. Painless revenue and commission reconciliation with insurance companies.
4. Up to 23% reduction in operating costing.


The CRM’s Dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of your organization’s key metrics. Using CRM dashboards, you can easily visualize comparisons, patterns, and trends in sales, marketing, support, and inventory related data.  One unique element is the Sales funnel chart, which can be used to visualize the sales pipeline at various stages.

We understand the challenges of insurance agencies, and we at PegasusOne are super passionate about helping you grow when open enrollment starts.