How can AI transform your marketing strategy?

AI has become one of the most effective marketing tools in recent years. While there isn’t a lack of skilled talent to create personalized marketing campaigns, there is a lack of time. There are so many opportunities and methods to collect data from customers and no one person is able to interpret that data and use it all to create an effective marketing strategy and execute campaigns due to a shortage of time.

AI is the best solution for marketers looking to drastically improve how they used data to create marketing campaigns. While AI is a more efficient and effective way to use data for marketing, it also frees up marketing teams to focus on strategy, content, and other creative marketing tasks. Here’s how AI can transform your marketing strategy:


Identifying the Target Customer

In order to market effectively, you have to understand your customers. With AI, companies can have comprehensive knowledge about their target customers to begin creating personalized marketing campaigns that speak to customers using data. AI can easily sift through data to find the location, gender, and interests of your target customer to help you find ways to drive sales through your marketing efforts. Before beginning to create a marketing strategy, identifying your target customer is the first task you should complete so that you can create a strategy that’s as effective as possible. As AI collects certain data on current customers, past customers, and potential customers, you’ll be able to see the certain factors that prevent a buying decision and see which stages of the customer journey need attention.


Understanding Customer Behavior

While AI can help you identify your customers, it can also help you predict their purchasing behavior. By analyzing their past purchases and browsing history, AI can predict what products customers are likely to purchase next. This will help you serve up personalized product recommendations so that you can pique your customer’s interest and improve sales. While understanding customer behavior can help with creating personalized product recommendations, it can also help you more effectively understand the needs and wants of your customer so that you can provide them with quality content and products that solve an issue or meet their needs head-on.


Improving Customer Relationships

Human interaction with customers is becoming less and less necessary as AI improves and is able to communicate naturally and effectively with customers using chatbots and other technologies. Many e-commerce websites already utilize chatbots as one of many AI services that can be used at any time of day by potential customers to answer their questions using data collected from the website. They can also lead them to a human when necessary. By offering a 24/7 customer service option like chatbots, you will improve customer satisfaction and begin and improve valuable customer relationships.

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Better User Experience

Great customer experience should be the goal of any successful business. When content is relevant to a potential customer, they are more likely to convert to sales and become a loyal customer. AI’s ability to collect data can determine which content is the best to show a customer based on location, historical data, and past behavior. This marketing tactic gives the user the impression that the content they’re seeing is specific to them, making them have a more personal experience with the brand.


Predicting/Forecasting Areas of Highest ROI

Integrating AI with your existing marketing strategy will help improve conversions and sales. With deep data analysis, AI can spot key information on customer behavior online, helping to calculate the probability of a customer making a purchase on your website. Because AI is always collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data, you’ll have a more accurate account of the customer journey for more efficient forecasting of ROI so that you can cater your marketing strategy to customers more likely to convert and for leads matching based on customer behavior.


Social Media Engagement

With social media advertising booming among small and large businesses alike, it’s important to incorporate AI into your social media marketing strategy. You may be experiencing a boost in customer engagement on your social pages, such as comments, messages, and shares. AI can help you more precisely understand customer’s thoughts and understand their loyalty to your brand. It also interprets data such as location, gender, and interests to help you target specific customers when creating a social media advertising campaign so you can get a better ROI.


Improved Digital Advertising

Similar to social media advertising, all types of digital advertising can become more targeted with AI. AI uses customers’ past searches to optimize their future searches. Once AI is implemented, it can learn about your customers and potential customers by collecting data. With AI and the data it interprets, you can create smarter ads that convert by relating to customers at every stage of the customer journey. You can also give more targeted personalized product recommendations based on previous purchases so that you have a better chance of converting and increasing sales.



While product recommendations are not a new concept for many successful marketers, they usually were forced to offer the same exact products to all of their customers. Instead, AI allows marketers to display personalized product recommendations based on the data of each specific customer to help you convert more easily based on past purchases, interests, and other data that AI collects and interprets. AI allows you to more personally speak to each individual customer, which will make them feel like your brand cares about them as a customer, leading to conversions and creating loyal, repeat customers.



Marketers have long used segmentation to break customers up into different segments and make them easier to market to, creating personalized marketing strategies for each different type of customer persona. Traditional segmentation does have its limits. These limits are completely lifted by AI as it analyzes customer data to create more targeted segments. AI even adjusts campaigns to be more personalized for each specific segment while changing the campaigns as certain variables change. The biggest benefit of segmentation is that it can improve productivity, effectiveness, and overall ROI of marketing campaigns. While segmenting is something marketers have done for years, it is time-consuming to sift through data and create segments based on certain information. AI is more effective and efficient than human data interpretation and can streamline the entire marketing strategy process to increase conversions and sales.

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