Why should you work with an app developer near you?

Clients share insights on the development process and ease of access in working with a local developer.

The development of a large application requires a trusted and dedicated team of developers, project managers and engineers who have the right skill sets and experience. Working with a local development company allows your project the trust and reliability needed to see a large project to completion. We are located in the heart of southern California. Although we have clients located around the world, most of our software project clients are in the Los Angeles and Orange County California region.


California App Developers Near Me
Reduced Bottlenecks
Working with a local App Developer has increased our companies productivity.


California App Developers Near MeI was looking to build out custom Saas software for my small business when I found PegasusOne.com Software company. After speaking with several California app developers near me, I found PegasusOne to be a great solution for our Software as a Service (SaaS) project. Our concept offers business solutions as a service rather than a traditional product. The following are the benefits of developing such an application for my corporation.

California App Developers Near MeQuicker Deployment for our clients
In the past few years, if a client required software developed for their particular needs, we would sit down with our developers and provide  specifications. The client would then have to wait for months before they could get their hands on the software. Now with PegasusOne, it takes a matter of hours for a new client to get access to our SaaS solution for their business needs. The software they require is already hosted on our servers, and working with a California app developer near my location has made the transition much smoother for our sales rep. On boarding issues are cleared up asap. If we need improvements, we just need to call or email PegasusOne to tweak and configure an application to suit my needs at the local office.

California App Developers Near MeData Accessibility for our project managers
SaaS is provided over the internet, and the software provides the login details. It means that we can instantly access the Saas software from any location as long as there is an internet connection. The required data is hosted on the software provider’s server, which gives our team the freedom to work from anywhere.
California App Developers Near MeData Back-Up built in

Data and back-ups usually are handled by your software vendor, which can mean a lot of savings. However, you should also ensure you keep useful back-ups to help in recovering from disaster.

California App Developers Near MeCost Effective Solution for our clients

SaaS integration cuts down on expenses and provides flexibility. Instead of having an entire department to handle IT, you merely outsource your needs, and a software vendor handles support and maintenance. Also, you can subscribe to the service on a monthly or annual basis, and you get more savings through such flexibility. You can even efficiently budget because you won’t have to handle any emergency or breakdown in software and hardware.

California App Developers Near MeSaas Upgrades 

The vendor handles upgrades to software, servers, and databases. Upgrading is seamless, and you don’t have to download or install any patches. SaaS vendors also manage security on your behalf, and they have a wealth of experience that will benefit your company.  I’m am excited for our companies growth over the next quarter and looking to expanding out companies offerings.

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