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Your outsourced IT project: A security checklist

How to be sure that your project is being developed using the latest security best practices. Outsourcing an important IT project can be stressful with today’s emphasis on security. If you’re not working with a software development partner that can provide best-in-class security as part of its services, you could be in for a wild ride. Agency—or freelancer? We always

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Pivoting to a privacy-first model in the new era of data security

In recent years, the power of Big Data has transformed the way brands do business and has presented endless opportunities for growth and revenue. With data privacy becoming a bigger and more urgent concern by the day however, the tech industry and lawmakers have begun to drill down into how companies collect and use customer data. With data compliance

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Uncharted territory: How (and why) traditional Machine Learning fails

Machine learning is regarded as the most innovative variant of Artificial Intelligence, using data and algorithms to replicate and anticipate the way humans think and act. And although it's been a game-changer for many industries, in the aftermath of recent global events, machine learning has come under scrutiny for struggling to adapt when called upon to add value in a

Getting to done: Acceptance criteria and the Agile workflow

During the development process, how do you know when a product feature or service component is officially “done?” By adopting a user-focused mindset and providing open lines of communication between Product Owners and development teams, the path to Acceptance Criteria can be smooth. Acceptance criteria (AC) helps us define how end users utilize the features of a product or solution.