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How AI transforms Business Growth

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the primary field of growth and interest for businesses today. Artificial Intelligence itself is comprised of various software and technologies that can ultimately perform the same functions as a human. These functions might be problem-solving, planning, or performing repetitive tasks. Included in the broad category of artificial intelligence are more specific specialties like deep learning,

Expert Advice to Successfully Launch a Mobile App

When it comes to launching a mobile app for your business, it’s important to do it right. Your app, no matter what industry you’re in, will help improve customer experience and sales overall. Whether you’ve successfully launched a mobile app for your business in the past or this is your first time, here is expert advice for a successful app

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Comprehensive Guide to Outsource Software Development for your Enterprise

Many businesses large and small have found the benefits of outsourcing software development. It’s nearly impossible for any one business to employ specialists in every IT niche and many corporations don’t have a need for a team of software developers in-house and onsite every day. Whether you’ve worked with others to develop software before or this is a new endeavor

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Pegasus One Receives Praise on Clutch

Data analytics is a burgeoning industry and field of study, with far-reaching implications and applications in the realm of business and beyond. Data is a highly valued resource and the ability to analyze and understand your business’s data could unlock levels of success that were closed off before. We help businesses with an array of digital solutions and services, from

How to Choose the Right IoT Platform: The Ultimate Checklist

Every day, more and more devices are becoming a part of the Internet of Things (IoT) - a vast network of items both simple and complicated, always creating and sharing data with one another, over the Internet. According to a recent study conducted by Intel, there will be roughly 200 billion devices connected to this ecosystem by 2020. Not only

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R vs Python: Which one is better for Artificial Intelligence Development

For a growing number of people, data science is a central part of their job. Increased data availability, more powerful computing, and an emphasis on an analytics-driven decision in business has made it a heyday for data science. According to a report from IBM, in 2015 there were 2.35 million openings for data analytics jobs in the US. It estimates that