The Benefits of Meteor for Mobile Apps development


One of the most popular platforms for mobile, web and desktop app development is Meteor. If you need to write an app, all your friends and colleagues are going to tell you to use the open source platform, especially if you are building a JavaScript application.
Every new platform attempts to make things easier and quicker for the developer and Meteor certainly, has attained this. However, Meteor for mobile apps stands out from the myriad of new platforms and tools that threaten to overwhelm developers with choices.

What does Meteor have to offer that the others do not? Why is it the framework of choice for so many these days?

Why use Meteor for Mobile Apps development and its benefits?

There are a variety of reasons why Meteor is more often than not your best option for new projects and application. Here are just a few.

Easy to learn and easy to develop with: This is a platform for the novice to the expert. It is the easiest of all app development software to come around in quite a while. If you understand the basics of JavaScript, CSS, MongoDB and HTML, all you need to do is follow the structure given by Meteor, and you will be developing apps in no time. This is a significant benefit of Meteor for mobile apps if you are a small business run out of your home or a new entrepreneur just starting up.

Just one language: As noted above using Meteor for mobile apps is so easy to use because you only have to know one language that of JavaScript. This is true on both the front and backend development.

Quicker development with better results: Meteor for mobile apps is known for its speed and quick deployment. This benefit is due in large part to the easy code sharing allowed by Meteor. This simple code makes development faster, but at the same time, it eliminates so many of the bugs that new software applications always seem to have.

• Meteor for mobile apps is more productive and offers better efficiency than most of its competitors.

• Meteor also provides the developer of mobile apps, flexibility across platforms that most other products of its kind do not. Whether you are developing an app fro Android, iOS or desktops/laptops, Meteor does not lock you into just one platform.

• Another benefit of Meteor is the integrated stack. This saves the developer a lot of time as there is no need for them to manage components and codes and integrate them into your development product. Using Distributed Data Protocol (DDP) Meteor allows the developer to connect non-Meteor apps to both Meteor and non-Meteor servers.

• Use of outside options: Meteor will allow the developer to take advantage of external libraries and various plugins.

• Meteor for mobile apps offers the flexibility of a real-time database that allows for changes on every open browser with no page refreshing. Again this benefit simplifies the process and makes development quicker.

To review there are many advantages of Meteor for mobile apps is easy to learn, fast and easy to use. Since only one language, JavaScript, is used there are fewer bugs and better productivity on both the front and backend. The simpler the platform is, the better the productivity and efficiency is. Flexibility across platforms and the integrated stack are significant benefits of this platform.