Amazon Web Services (or AWS) has a lot to offer to small businesses and business startups. It is a great service for those high volume web based small businesses, SaaS (Software as a Service) and enterprise applications. This is especially true for businesses that want to stand out, attract and be able to handle potential customers and help to successfully build and sell their brand. AWS offers a wide choice of products and a long list of benefits for small businesses and startups.

Why Choose Amazon Web Services


aws benefits

With its amazing array of products, AWS is designed to lower the costs, increase the speed and improve the productivity of startups and small businesses. At the same time, there are many larger organizations that also trust their online business to AWS. Areas that offer the most benefits include:

  1. Platforms: With a wide variety of platforms, languages, and tools Amazon Web Services offers something for everyone. This includes compliance and security; integration, and import/export services. There also platforms and services designed for mobile apps, gaming systems and PC’s.
  1. Core Cloud Infrastructure Services: Using the power and storage space of the cloud, AWS offers small businesses and startups variety and power in computing, database and networking services as well as content and delivery.
  1. Platform Services: As mentioned in #1, AWS offers a wide variety of platforms to meet every business need. With these come strong platform cloud based services to accelerate your startup success. These include analytics, Mobile Services, Enterprise Applications and internet services.
  1. Developer Productivity/Operational Efficiency:  AWS offers critical success tools for applications, security, management, identity, and development.



These products and the architecture of AWS offer immense benefits to small businesses and startups. The key to this is the state of the art resources that Amazon Web Services can offer with perks and services that no one else has. AWS benefits include:

  1. Easy to Manage.
  1. Scalability – you can scale up or down to meet varying needs.
  1. Security – dependable, global and consistent service with almost zero downtime.
  1. Security and compliance– the system offers immense security, identity security and strong measures to prevent viruses and hacking.
  1. Integration with all types of languages, systems, servers and tools.
  1. S3 – image uploads extremely easy to upload and offers flexibility in images and videos.
  1. SQS – easy to set up – no matter what your knowledge level of SQS is.
  1. Learning curve is short– user-friendly and intuitive.
  1. Almost unlimited bandwidth.
  1. Price and “pay as you go” – moderately priced for the marketplace, no contracts or long-term financial commitments. You can add or subtract services as you need to and just pay for what you use. The fees for AWS are up front, transparent and easy to estimate and budget for.
  1. Internal Savings – due to minimizing needed employees and equipment, not managing any hardware reduces costs.
  1. Powerful yet flexible with the speed you need – can quickly develop application infrastructures in a cost-effective manner.
  1. Tools – anything you need is available including outstanding customer service in case you can’t find the tool you need.



With this lineup of products and the many benefits that Amazon Web Services offers for small businesses and startups, it is no wonder the service is so successful. With its commitment to innovation, research and technology development, AWS should continue to be the choice of startups and small businesses for years to come.

aws benefits