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Develop a platform that can “think for itself” providing integrated handling of all service processes for your business. Documents, e-mails, web, enterprise and mobile apps: AI Platforms are the intelligent core of your business services. It analyzes and understands text-based content – independently of language, type, and structure. It helps you overcome the application chaos of incoming e-mails, customer service requests and back office making your service processes future-proof.

Pegasus One helps you select the platform best for your needs, delivering complex business solutions created with AI at core. Our specialists help you build for a platform of your choice including Microsoft Azure Machine Learning platform, Google Cloud, Tensor Flow, Amazon AI Platform and more


Easy to use

Consumable, industrialized, prepackaged platform components are based on standard reference architectures with many complexities of the enterprise solved (e.g., performance, SLAs, security).

Rapid Deployment

Size of deployment and design patterns align to use cases with automation.

Full service enablement

End-to-end analytics capabilities, blueprints and runbooks cover initial setup, onboarding and ongoing operations.

Integration and Expansion

Integration with enterprise apps provides hooks for data ingestion and business workflows.


Our experts analyze with each clients requirements in depth. Their business models, the problems that they are looking to be solved and everything else that we can help them with to achieve success. Based on the analysis, we offer you the best development teams for an AI platform and toolset of your choice. Our teams are highly experienced in platforms by Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft along with open source libraries and tools like TensorFlow, Keras and many more.

AI Experts at your service! You will love what we do.

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