About Pegasus One

About Pegasus One

How We Got Here

Pegasus One today has grown out of an original idea that Tushar Puri had in 2009, when he founded a new consulting company focused on taking a holistic approach to managing offshore software developers to complete software projects for his clients. Puri brought years of high-level experience with global companies in project management, software development, outsourcing, and technology to his new idea, a consultancy called Pegasus One.

What Puri really wanted to build was a better method for avoiding the pain and problems that he’d seen arise over and over again as a result of confusion and poor customer service across different cultures, and between specialists and their generalist clients.

What I’d seen was that confusion can lead to lack of trust. I saw projects fail not because of lack of expertise, but because of poor communication.  –Tushar Puri, Founder

Today, the company has grown into Pegasus One, a company with a strong North American leadership team and satellite offices in Mumbai and Kochi, India where expert and specialist developers work in well-established teams on Pegasus One’s projects.

  • 2004–Puri launches software development company, Aspirez, and develops expertise in the software development industry managing large projects for global companies.

  • 2009–Puri channels his experience and frustration into a new consultancy, StrategyBeach, focused on solving the poor communication and customer services problems that plague the software offshoring industry.

  • 2009–Company establishes its first major expansion by opening full-time offices for developers in Mumbai, India.

  • 2009–Company joins the Agile Alliance

  • 2010–Company becomes a member of the Project Management Institute

  • 2012–Company establishes its own, internal training and internship program for young developers, betaon2, drawing talent from technical schools in Southern California.

  • 2014–Company becomes a Microsoft Certified Partner

  • 2016–Company becomes an Amazon Consulting Partner

  • 2016–Company receives ISO Certifications

  • 2016–Company expands again, opening a second full-time office in Mumbai, staffed with dedicated developers.

  • 2017–StrategyBeach changes its name to PegasusOne, signaling a major shift in the company’s vision, with an expanded client-facing team in North America and a global team of senior Delivery Managers who are well-trained in the holistic management approach that is the hallmark of Pegasus One’s client-focused approach.

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